Why Planting Trees is Key to a Better World!!


Every day we read articles that suggest that reducing our carbon emissions is the only solution for a better environment.

Maybe so, but, there are simpler more direct ways for each of us to contribute to improving our environment.

Planting trees is one of those and it may be more critical and inexpensive than reducing emissions while providing a more pleasant life for all.


  • Sequester carbon while producing oxygen.

  • Absorb the suns rays and shade our homes and offices, the soil and pavement surrounding us, reducing the warming of the earth.

As we shade our space we reduce the need for more air conditioning reducing carbon emissions through the reduction of our electricity usage.

The key forces for destruction of our forests are mighty.

  • People seeking food and survival clear forests to plant crops. We cut forests for lumber, plywood and paper.
  • We destroy rain forests to displace it with trees that produce crops like palm oil.
  • We accidentally or purposefully start fires that burn untold acres of forest.

Deforestation goes forth unabated while we do little to offset the devastation. Planting trees to:

  • Replace forests,
  • In our cities,
  • In the desert

is core to our efforts to reduce CO2 in our air.

Plant 3 trees and they’ll produce enough oxygen for one person. Plant more and the result will be a beginning in the reduction in CO2 levels.


And, it is something that each of us can do today to make a difference for our kids. There are a host of organizations formed to marshal tree planting efforts. Here are a few:

  • Arbor Day Foundation   https://www.arborday.org
  • Nature Conservancy     https://www.nature.org
  • A Trillion Trees Organization        https://www.trilliontrees.org
  • American Forests      https://www.americanforests.org

Why Oh! Organics donates $1 of each sale to American Forests:

  • They plant one tree for each $1 donated
  • They focus on American Forests & Urban Areas
  • They have a long history of success.

But, the important thing is not who we contribute to but that we contribute either via donation or via our own tree planting efforts.