At Oh! Organics we are committed to making the most ecologically neutral products possible. No chemicals, fake colorings or artificial fragrances. We use only the Good Stuff. Further, we are taking steps to improve our environment.

This year we are helping plant trees in rural and urban settings with our partner, American Forests. Forests that are crucial to so many aspects of life — their importance cannot be understated.

    1. provide the air we breathe

    2. Filter the water we drink and

    3. Shelter the wildlife we love.


The long list of other benefits they provide is too hefty to succinctly convey. We understand the importance of forests to life on Earth and are making a lasting commitment to their protection.

Each individual tree we plant will:

  1. Absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. That means our 1,000 will remove 48,000 pounds of CO2 every year.
  2. Filter as much as 36,500 gallons of drinking water per year.
  3. Become an integral part of the forest ecosystem that helps support wildlife.

And, each tree helps build an ecosystem that supports diverse flora and fauna.


In the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas alone, there are 500 different species of birds, 300 different butterfly species, 900 types of beetles and 1,200 different species of plants. It’s also home to the endangered ocelot, a beautiful cat whose population is estimated to be down to 50 in the United States.



Population expansion and agriculture have diminished old-growth forests in the eastern U.S. to the point of exceeding rarity — a mere 1 percent remains. Some of the worst wildfires in history have swept across landscapes, from the drought-afflicted Sierra Nevada to the Appalachian Mountains.


Since 2001, global forest cover has decreased anywhere from 471 to almost 600 million acres, threatening critical habitats for endangered wildlife all over the world.


That is why we support the tree planting efforts of American Forests by helping them plant one tree for every purchase of our Organic Handmade Soap, Organic Handmade Hand & Surface Spray, Organic Handmade Hand & Body Wash and Organic Handmade Essential Oils. They understand and promote our beliefs that we are not separate from nature, and that it is our responsibility to take care of the planet.


One Body, One Earth                                      Organic Handmade Soap