MojitoThe path to wellness is sometimes difficult. The path becomes easier when you’ve a reward waiting for you at the end of the day.

A Mojito is just that reward for me.

A Cuban born delight that is sure to refresh, the Mojito was made famous by Earnest Hemingway and has spread throughout the world because of it’s tart, yet sweet taste, relatively low alcohol content and it’ minty aroma and flavor.Mojito4

Sometimes it’s preparation is off-putting but this recipe is easy, quick and just as delightful as those made the old fashioned way.Mojito2


4 teaspoons of sugar (The original is made with sugar cane juice so if you want it original then add an equivalent amount.)

Lime Juice – enough to at least cover the sugar and make it appear wet.

White Rum – 1 to 2 shots depending on preference.

Sprite – Fill the rest of the glass to approximately ¾ full.

Ice – Fill the glass.

1 or 2 sprigs of Mint

1 thin slice of lime.

Flavored Rum Substitutes:
Mango – Our favorite                 Mandarin Orange
Pineapple                                      Coconut
Lychee                                            Strawberry


First pour the sugar into a glass,

Add the lime juice and mint and use a tablespoon to gently crush the mint leaves

Mix the sugar, lime juice and mint oils together.

Add the rum.

Add the sparkling water or Sprite (7-Up works but is not quite as limey).

Top off with ice to fill the class

Stir and place decorative mint sprigs into the glass

Add a thin slice of lime on top or on the glass edge.Mojito1

That’s it, you’re ready to sit down and enjoy!