Hiking for Inner Peace, Health and Wellness

Hiking2Find our inner-self, peace and harmony. A cry we here everywhere usually offering programs and activities that are intended to ground us. Some work for the short term, some don’t work at all.

Coming to peace with self requires that we come to peace with our world. To accomplish that we must develop a relationship with nature. Hiking with nature at our side is the answer.

7 Reasons that Hiking is The AnswerHiking5

Reconnect with Nature and the Land – Simply by hiking a trail with nothing but trees, grass, flowers, streams, we immediately feel the toxins of the rat race wash away.

De-Stress – The environment and the activity force ones mind to the present, forcing thoughts of the past or future from our minds. We are simply in a setting that is instinctively home, with no boundaries and no schedule.

Build Physical Strength and Endurance – Simply walking a trail, up hills and down, across streams, and back provides our bodies the best total workout we could have. Hiking over rough terrain improves balance and stamina.

Build Self Esteem – Successfully organizing a hike, developing a plan and executing it provide a sense of accomplishment that has immediate positive and long-term impact on our confidence and feelings about ourselves.

Connect to Our World – Returning to our roots, to the land and nature our ancestors lived on and from provides a sense of connection to them, the world and ourselves.

Build Relationships – Hiking with others requires us to work together, while the time together allows us to speak with others about our deepest thoughts connecting us in ways that the fast paced, artificial environments of our cities cannot.

Enhance Self-Awareness – Hiking requires our minds and our hearts to work together. Which direction do I turn now is a mind thing when determining how to keep on course yet a heart thing when we know that we can go where we want, when we want, stop at a lake or stream or whatever our heart desires. Doing what our inner-self desires within the plan creates a sense of reaching our limits and then expanding. Knowing what we want and what our limits are produces new levels of self-awareness.

Get Started Now:

Day Hike – Search the Internet for “hiking near me” to find a trail that fits you. Trails are usually rated and reviewed so you’ll have the opportunity to pick one just right for you and your group. Here are links to find yours near some of our larger cities:Hiking

New York City: http://www.nycdayhiking.com
Chicago: http://www.everytrail.com/best/hiking-chicago-illinois
Los Angeles: http://www.modernhiker.com/la-hiking/

Extended Hikes – The full impact of nature on our mind, body, soul and spirit comes with the greater amount of time spent with her. There are many places near cities big and small that are designed for overnight hiking.

Seattle: http://www.wta.org
St Louis: http://www.everytrail.com/best/hiking-st-louis-missouri
Baltimore: http://www.everytrail.com/best/hiking-baltimore-maryland

Hiking Vacations – Pick a National or State Park and plan two, three or more days to hike, overnight and hike again.


Join a Club – A great way to meet people and to learn the ins and outs of hiking in your area.

San Francisco: http://www.sfhiking.com
San Antonio:http://hiking.meetup.com/cities/us/tx/san_antonio
Atlanta: http://www.atlantaoutdoorclub.com

Take a Guided Hike – If you are seeking to learn or hiking a trail that you think too difficult for you find an expert. Many times you’ll find them in the club that you’ve joined and most will do it for free.Hiking4

Whatever you do – do it now! The sense of connection begins when we take the first step.