Better for The Skin and Better for The Environment – Natural and Handmade Organic Soaps


Better for The Skin:

Cold process soaps are very different from the leading branded bars you think of as soap. Cold process soap produces its lather naturally from the natural oils it is made from.

Most leading brands of bars (they do not meet the definition of soap and cannot label themselves as soap) are made from surfactants (detergent) and a variety of other chemicals. They are synthetic, harsher on the skin and steal moisture from it.

Handmade Cold Processed Soaps are made from natural and sometimes organic oils that lather, moisturize and cleanse naturally. They are terrific for sensitive skin while the leading brands may leave your skin feeling dry from the chemicals that they contain.

Better for the Environment:

Further, the synthetic ingredients that the leading brands are made from do not easily break-down once they’ve gone down the drain and stay in the environment for an extended time. Handmade cold process soaps, on the other hand, are made from natural ingredients and once they go down the drain they are easily returned to nature.

Now is the time to take action, spend a little more and be kind to your skin and to the environment. For the best of both find one that works for you. A good place to start: or