Get Inspired and Stay Motivated

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We’ve all heard great motivational speakers and come away feeling ready to achieve all that we have dreamed of only to find ourselves right back where we started an hour, day or week later.

One of the keys to getting and staying motivated is the internalization of the message and the ability to call upon it when required. There is no better way to do this than via watching movies and reading books that are simple and practical in the message easy to relate to.

Here are 7 great books and 7 great movies that will help you get motivated and stay motivated to reach your dreams. Pick one, two or more that you can relate to, and then internalize the message in a way that you can remember and call upon it when needed.

7 Books & 7 Movies - Version 3

The story of a reclusive famous author who helps a high school student find his inner voice and reach for his dreams. Released in 2000 it is a story that will inspire for a lifetime.

7 Books & 7 Movies - Version 4

A touchingly told story of the desegregation of a high school football team that demonstrates the power of understanding and provides a superb example of how we can all thrive together.

7 Books & 7 Movies - Version 5

Based on his belief that average is just not good enough Coach Carter leads his team to significant accomplishments on the basketball court and in the classroom. His steadfast commitment to his philosophy in the face of pressure from his players, their parents and the school board is inspiring and motivating.

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Motivated by the plight of those in poverty Charles Dickens wrote the story of Scrooge and his transformation from a hardened, bitter and uncaring man to an open, caring and generous person helping others. A superb movie for the ages that features a terrifically told story that inspires each and every time it is watched.

7 Books & 7 Movies2 - Version 2

A story line that is common yet distinguished by the inspiration it delivers. Motivational for it’s demonstration of what can be accomplished if you take your best shot and reach for your dreams.

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By chance Michael Oher finds a family that cares enough to provide him the opportunity and motivation to be all he can be. He delivers by raising himself out of a life of despair into a world of hope and continuous growth. With love, support from others and his own determination Michael became an All-American football player who now wears a Super Bowl ring.

7 Books & 7 Movies2 - Version 4

The primary message of the movie is that it is not how you fall, but how you get back up. Teamwork, support for your fellow teammates and commitment to your purpose are added messages that ring loud and clear. This is another football movie delivering a life message. The LaSalle high school football team  loses after winning 151 straight games and gets back up to win again.7 Books & 7 Movies - Version 2

Seven Books & 7 Movies

A hero and founding father of The United States of America, Benjamin Franklin lived a lifetime of focus on continuous personal development. In his Autobiography he describes the systems he used and provides terrific motivational thoughts about being all that you can be.

Seven Books & 7 Movies - Version 2

First written in 1936 this book has sold 15 million copies and continues to be one of the best selling self-help books. It is practical and provides clear definition of the steps and processes that will motivate and inspire you to success and fulfillment.

Seven Books & 7 Movies - Version 3

Written by the “last of the five good emperors of Rome” this is a terrific work on accepting the good and bad in life with composure. It is a work by one of the great Stoic philosophers that recommends nature as a source of inspiration while living a life of service produces satisfaction and fulfillment.

Seven Books & 7 Movies - Version 4

This 1982 novella by Stephen King is about a man convicted of killing his wife and her lover. Taking place in a prison it delivers examples for all of us on being true to ourselves, not losing hope, biding our time, set a quiet example and looking for our chance.Seven Books & 7 Movies2

“I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really,” Andy tells Red. “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.” First, for his accomplishments then, for his philosophy of life, this book is well worth the read. A man who stood for what he believed regardless of the consequences, a man of faith who has evolved to a level of tolerance that is remarkable in every way.

As Mr. Peale says, “This book is written with the sole objective of helping the reader achieve a happy, satisfying and worthwhile life.” First published in 1952 it has sold over 5 million copies. Sure to inspire and motivate it is a great read.

Seven Books & 7 Movies2 - Version 3

Based on his nearly 50 years as a motivational author, speaker and business man Mr. Ziglar shares how others have risen above fear and failure to the life they were meant to have. This is both motivational and inspirational as well as being a practical guide to living your life to its fullest.  Zig said it best: “If it is to be, it is up to me”.

Seven Books & 7 Movies2 - Version 4

Written in 1877 as an autobiography from a horse’s perspective this work has evolved as a children’s classic, yet it is a great adult read as well. Black Beauty is a demonstration of how kindness and caring brings out the best in an animal and provides an easy leap to the application of that principle to human relationships. A joy in my youth it is even better re-visited.

Get started now – pick the book and or movies that you think will resonate. Then keep reading and watching until you find a key to unlocking the motivation that you seek and then get started and keep moving forward no matter the obstacles you might face. 

P.S. Have fun along the way! There is some great reading and watching on this list.