Does What We Put On Our Skin Matter?


Does our skin absorb what is put on it? The short answer is yes.

We need not look farther than the fact that we are sold a variety of products that are dependent on absorption into our bodies via the skin. Birth control skin patches, nicotine skin patches and the like are becoming more common every day.

These products are absorbed by the skin then move directly to the bloodstream to do their work.


The fact is that the skin absorbs whatever comes in contact with it and it then moves throughout our bodies. Chemicals, pollutants, sunscreen, and skin care products are no exception. Nail polish, cleansers, deodorants, perfumes and anything else that we put on our skin matter.

The organic food movement is based on avoiding chemicals that have been proven to be bad for us along with many that might be bad for us. It is clear that what we put in our digestive system will be spread throughout the body yet somehow we don’t make the connection when we feed the biggest organ in our body the stuff that soaps, lotions and other skin care products.


So, what can we do to treat our bodies better?

  • Read the ingredients label on the products that you use. For most of the leading brands, you will not be able to pronounce them let alone understand what they might do to your system.

  • Buy products that are natural or better yet organic and handmade.

  • Buy products that use edible ingredients. Yes, edible. There is no better standard than this. If they are edible they will be safe to use on our skin.

  • Make what you put on your body as good as what you put in it.


We can’t avoid the toxins in the air and the rest of our environment but we can control what we feed ourselves and our largest organ, the skin.

About the Author

The founding vision of Oh! Organics is based on the principals of “One Body, One Earth”. We are committed to producing products that are from organically grown ingredients and thus the best for our skin and our environment.