Motivation From my Daughter

Yesterday my daughter shared her memory of walking to and from elementary school. On the way she passed the time by working on memorizing the multiplication tables.

As she took each step she would say 6 when she took the second step she would say “times” then the next “6” then “equals” then “36” She would continue the process as she worked her way through the table.

Then she told me that she does it even today only using poems or inspirational sayings. “Be” then “bold” then “and” then “mighty” then “forces” then “will” then “come” then “to” then “your” then “aid”. When she is finished with her walk she is energized physically from the walk and mentally from the sayings she has used.

I tried it today as I worked out on the elliptical machine—-It works!!!

Give it a try—you’ll be in better shape both physically and mentally!!!