Is Your Skin Care Good Enough to Eat?

Is Your Skin Care Good Enough to Eat? »

“Skin care must be good enough to eat!”― Joanna RuncimanThe Radiant Woman’s Handbook

Eating right is

Better for The Skin and Better for The Environment – Handmade Cold Processed Soaps »

Better for The Skin:

Cold process soaps are very different from the leading branded bars you think of as

Restoring Beauty, One Mine at a Time »





The Appalachian Mountains that make West Virginia rugged and beautiful owe much of their splendor to

Add Organic to this List For the Healthiest Skin

Add Organic to this List For the Healthiest Skin »

Organic products have grown to $43 billion in sales and are growing double digit yet, we are still using

Red, Dry Hands? Irritated Skin? Try This »

While working in a food manufacturing plant trying to perfect our manufacturing practices I noticed my hands had turned red and dry and a bit sore to the touch. When asked what might be the problem most people just shrugged and changed the subject until one friend said; “are you washing them more frequently?”. I nodded my head in the affirmative and they said; “It’s the chemicals in the soap you’re using.” - Read more...

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Experience these 10 exotic fruits and you’ll feel like you’ve travelled Asia without - Read more...

Solutions to Healthy Eating in a Time Starved World »

Filling our bellies in our time-starved world usually takes the form of “Fast Food” - Read more...

Farm to Table: How to Get it Right »

Farm to table is a movement that’s been growing in recent years, from restaurants to

7 Cool Ways to Enjoy Cucumber »

A common phrase derived from the cucumber’s ability to cool the temperature - Read more...


Bountiful in the summer months, watermelon is on the top of the list of fruits - Read more...