Ban the Leaf Blower

Ban the Leaf Blower - 1

It’s about the noise, smell and dust!! Hey, I know that this may seem a small issue what with all that is going on in the world but it ranks right up there with the political class as something that must be done away with.

First introduced in the 1970’s leaf blowers are ubiquitous. There will be over 6 million of the things in California alone by 2016. That equates to nearly 48 million in the U.S.A. and they operate from dawn to dusk whether there are leaves to blow or no. They’ve become the answer to the broom, rake and snow shovel and they are denigrating the peace and quiet of every neighborhood in the country.Ban the Leaf Blower - 2

All one has to do is watch a leaf blower operator prepare to blow and you know how bad they are for you. First the mask to cover the mouth and nose, then the goggles to cover the eyes then the headset to cover the ears and then they are ready to work. But, what about the rest of us? Are we provided the same protection from the evils of the blower? No, of course not!

You hear them next door then down a few doors then from doors across the street the noise and dust clouds bounce up and down the block. The leaves and dust blow here, then there then back again the job is never done. It seems a permanent job for blowing professionals, one that only ends when the leaves are finally turned to dust and even then there is still dust to blow.Ban the Leaf Blower - 5

Heaven forbid that someone might actually pick anything up, no they say, just blow it back up the street. And, when they are done only your eyes, ears and nose have known the evils of this hideous invention for we are the only ones without protection from this evil device.

It is time to rise up. Make your posters – “Ban the Blower”, “Death to Blower Dust” “Where’s my Peace and Quiet”,  “Hate Pollution? Ban The Blower!” “Exercise-Don’t Blow”. You pick it all work for me. Ban the Leaf Blower - 3

To those who cry out, what about the jobs that will be lost when no leaf blower operators have a job, I say record employment will be reach as we employ those required to operate the rakes, brooms, shovels that will be required to accomplish the same task. And, don’t forget those employed making those rakes, brooms and shovels that will need be produced.Ban the Leaf Blower - 4

To those that cry out, but what will I do with no leaf blower? I say get a rake, get a broom, bag it and haul it away. Just this added movement is sure to improve all of our waistlines and we’ll all be able to rest afterward in peace and quiet.

“Banning the Blower” will be more difficult than banning the Political Class. And so, I call on each of us for dedication and perseverance as we take up the task, for in the end we will finally have peace and quiet throughout the land.