Anytime Smoothies

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Anytime Healthy, High Protein Fruit Smoothies

I’m a recovering no breakfast person. Well maybe a piece of toast which later became a sweet roll or donut at the coffee shop. Later in life I discovered my energy running low, the pounds adding up and muscle mass diminishing. Smoothies became the solution. Fast, nutritious, full of protein, they are perfect for me and can easily be for you.

These smoothies are loaded with protein and fruit and are great anytime of the day. I drink them for breakfast to ensure that my body is fueled for a fast start to the day and the protein and fiber combine to keep the hunger pangs at bay for hours.

You can even turn them into a great diet plan if you drink one in the morning and one for lunch or dinner and add one tasty, nutritious meal at either lunch or dinner. 

I use frozen fruit for three reasons:Anytime Smoothie5 shutterstock_93503194 copy

It’s easy – no peeling, washing or slicing

They make your shake rich, creamy and cool.

Frozen fruit is picked and processed at the peak of ripeness when it is most nutritious.

Most fresh fruit we buy is picked several days (3-10 or more) before we buy it. Each day that goes by it loses nutritional value. And, because it is picked before it is ripe the taste never reaches its peak.

If you do choose to use fresh rather than frozen you can get the same texture by adding ice to your shake.

Mixed Fruit SmoothieAnytime Smoothie4 shutterstock_231208072 copy


1 cup water
2 handfuls (1 cup) of mixed frozen fruit chunks-Wawona is what I use – 1 gram protein 70 calories
1 scoop 100% Whey Powder – 26 grams protein 140 Calories
1 banana – 1-1.5 grams 48 calories
Pour water into a blender (you need a substantial one or you risk damage to it from the frozen fruit- I use a Vita Mix)


1. Add fruit
2. Add Whey
3. Add Banana
4. Blend
5. Makes 2 cups
28.5 grams of protein
258 Calories

Mixed Berries and YogurtAnytime Smoothie1 shutterstock_231734320 copy


¾ cup water
2 handfuls of Frozen Berries 1 gram protein 70 calories
5 heaping tablespoons of Greek Yogurt= 1 cup = 20 grams protein 180 calories
1 banana 1-1.5 grams of protein 48 calories


1. Pour water into blender
2. Add banana
3. Add Berries
4. Add Yogurt
5. Mix
6. Makes 2 cups
Total Protein 22.5 grams
Total Calories 298

To add variety and personalization to these recipes mix and match the fruits, whey and yogurt or try adding or substituting any of the following:

1. Add vegetables for variety a hand full of Spinach or Kale adds vitamins, flavor and fiber.
2. Substitute Whole Milk for Water –Add 7.7 grams of Protein and 146 calories
Soy Milk – Add 7.9 grams of Protein and 100 calories
Almond Milk – Add 1 gram of Protein and 60 calories