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Affiliate Agreement

Thank you for your interest in being an Affiliate of Gary Doyle’s IgNITE Magazine. Please see the Terms and Conditions below, and contact Tracey Samlow at if you have any questions about them.

Once you accept the terms of this agreement, we will:

•  Provide you with texts and graphics you can you use or adapt to tell people about the IgNITE Magazine (IM).

•  Give you a special link to the IM landing page that will enable us to track people who register for this program through your link.

•  Pay you an affiliate commission of 30% of the revenues we receive for IM registrations through your unique link (“your registrations”). For example, $4.20 would be 30% of the standard $13.99 annual subscription to IM.

•  Pay you a referral commission of 5% of the revenues we receive for IM registrations through your affiliate referral’s unique link (“referral registrations”).

•  Send payments to you quarterly in US dollars via PayPal (minus the PayPal international transaction fee, if applicable). In the unlikely event that one of your registrations withdraws from IM and receives a refund after we have paid you an Affiliate fee for this registration, we will deduct this Affiliate fee from your next quarterly payment.

•  Give you access to information about your registrations through the Affiliate Dashboard.

You will:

•  Let us know how you have promoted IM.

•  Send us a copy of IM marketing texts you use if you edit the ones we send you.

•  Respect Gary Doyle’s intellectual property rights (e.g., his likeness, the title of the IgNITE Magazine).

We both agree that:

•  There is no employment relationship or partnership between us.

•  In the unlikely event of a dispute arising between us related to these Terms and Conditions that we cannot settle on our own, it will be resolved through binding arbitration under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association in accordance with the laws of the state of Nevada, USA.