6 Reasons We Use Organic Olive Oil in Our Organic Handmade Soaps

Winter’s cold weather brings dry, flaky skin that does not project the beauty that we all seek. Typically we reach for chemical ladened lotions as a solution yet, find that the dry appearance we were seeking to fix only becomes worse.

The best way to beautiful skin may be changing to natural or organic products that beautify naturally and without chemicals. Organic olive oil is a great place to start.

We use organic olive oil in all of our natural organic handmade soaps for these 6 key reasons.

  1. It Is Organic. Grown and processed naturally without chemicals it is environmentally friendly in every way. When the residue from your bath, shower or hand washing goes down the drain it is absorbed back into the environment.
  2. It Moisturizes Full of essential vitamins it nourishes the skin and promotes healthy, beautiful skin by promoting skin growth.
  3. It Works For All. No matter the skin type or it’s age Organic Olive Oil is safe and effective.
  4. It Improves Skin Tone and Texture. Its oleic acid and polyphenols help smooth and tone the skin.
  5. Helps Improve Difficult Skin Conditions. Eczema, clogged poors, dry patches are helped by its use.
  6. Vitamin A and E Promote Skin Growth and promote a healthy look.

Start using natural and organic handmade soaps and stop putting chemicals on your skin and you’ll see and feel the difference that nature makes.


Oh! Organics makes a complete line of natural and organic handmade soaps. Try them and you’ll know the power of organic olive oil. www.ohgoranics.net