5 Reasons Exfoliating Your Skin Is Important

5 Reasons to Exfoliate Title.001

Tired of looking at dry, flaky skin that makes us look less than our best? Exfoliation may solve this unsightly problem and make us even more proud of how we look.

While there are many products marketed for exfoliation it need not be all that complicated. One simple solution is to use an organic soap that exfoliates naturally, as you wash avoiding the need for special treatment.

Here are 5 reasons that exfoliation is important.


  1.        It Helps Reduce Signs of Aging. As we age our skin’s natural ability to rid itself of dead skin cells making fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable.
  2.        Improved Texture. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells exposing the new soft, fresh and smooth skin layer that lies below the old.
  3.        Prevent Breakouts. Exfoliation will unclog and clean your skin pores preventing or reducing outbreaks of black or whiteheads.
  4.        Evens Skin Tone. Because it removes dirt and makeup along with dead skin cells the bright new skin that is exposed will take on a more even tone.
  5.        It Just Feels Good. Exfoliating sounds excruciating yet the process actually feels good and will become something that we look forward to along with      the other delights of bathing, showering or simply washing your face.


A multitude of products that will help us are available. Most have a chemical base and require special efforts to use. Remember, 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body. We recommend you do all that you can to avoid them. At Oh! Organics our organic soap is made with organic botanicals that produce a natural exfoliation every time you shower, bathe or wash.

Chamomile, Calendula, Nettle, Echinacea, Hawthorne Berry, Eucalyptus, Oatmeal and many more provide color to our soaps and an exfoliation that delights every time.

Try Exfoliation the natural, organic way and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result.

You can find us at www.ohorganics.net or on Amazon.