3 Tips on Being The Best You Can Be

Tired of hearing ” Be the Best”?  I am.  Being the best is reserved for the very few and is illusive because being the best today does not mean you’ll be the best tomorrow.

“Be The Best That You Can Be” is a standard more in tune with our life.  It means that the standard is one set by you, not someone else.  A standard that can be met every day, one that you can live up to today, tomorrow and always no matter the task or job at hand.  Here are three thoughts on “Being The Best You Can Be”:

  • Commit to always being the best you can be.  Regardless of the task, regardless of the day, regardless of how you might feel.  Committment means a promise to yourself–no one else–just you.  You don’t need to share that committment with anyone else its just you!
  • Set a time each and everyday to measure yourself–Was I the best I could be today.  If so then re-commit to do the very same tomorrow.  If not, why not? What might you do tomorrow to change that to a definitive yes.
  • Make it easy to be your best.  Live with a purpose, one that drives your energy and enthusiasm.  You will find that it is easy to be the best you can be when you are focused on living your life with the passion sourced from your focused purpose.

“Being The Best That You Can Be” each and every day will bring you great satisfaction and fulfillment – get started NOW!